Phipps Conservatory, Pittsburgh

* Hoop House

Grow Collective Studio
Carnegie Mellon University / Pittsburgh / PA
Professors: Jonathan Kline / Ben Saks
Project Team:  Paul Greenway / Isabella Giammatteo / Lukas Hermann / Carly Sacco / Maya Greenholt
Fall 2018

A Nesting Greenhouse for the Winter Seasons

The goal of the Hoop House project was to create a small scale greenhouse for a 4’ x 8’ planter bed for the Phipps Conservatory Edible Garden Exhibit.

The initial concept behind the design for the hoop house was to create a system that could offer complete accessibility to all parts of the planter bed while remaining simple and easy to use. The final design was based on a sliding, three module nesting system.

The final form the group decided on was based on a trapezoid shape which was altered to improve water drainage from the roofs of the modules. The overall form was also skewed to one side to increase wind resistance.

          Concept Model

Form Concepts


Final Drawing Set


Installation Photos