Six Mile Island, Pittsburgh

* Museum of Weather

Environment, Form & Feedback
Carnegie Mellon University / Pittsburgh / PA
Professors: Dana Cupkova, Matthew Huber
Fall 2019

Six Mile Island, a 1,000 foot island in the Allegheny river north of Pittsburgh, is the site for the proposed Museum of Weather. The project focuses on environmental data and more specifically, water purification systems as the main drivers of the design. During the early stages of the project, research about stormwater management and sewage outfalls into Pittsburgh rivers led to the use of wetland and bioswale design principles becoming integral part of the design. Rather than being placed on the existing island, the museum emerges from the terraformed landscape of the island, integrating waterways and larger wetlands into the terrain. As a result, the tranformed island is able to intake polluted river and rain water simultaneously, naturally filtering it as it passes through the soil and roots.


Site Mapping

Eco Machine research (Wetlands + Bioswales)

Museum Design Concepts

Flood Path Terraforming

Final Drawings